Ember Canary NPM tag

Does anyone know why there is no canary tag for Ember?

npm view ember-source dist-tags

We want to avoid this https://libraries.io/npm/typescript/versions :X

Yeah canary is just ‘master’. From the builds doc:

Ember releases follow a “train” release model. Every six weeks, the master branch of Ember (sometimes referred to as “canary”) branches to become the new beta. After six weeks as a beta, this version becomes the new stable release of Ember.

Should we use ember-master then in ember-try?


Think so. Anytime I’ve used Ember or Ember Data canary I’ve always just used #master branch so and I’m pretty sure that’s the recommended way to use canary. Someone a little more knowledgeable might be able to confirm…

Does this mean that ember-try should switch from NPM to the GitHub repository for the canary tests based on "repository": in the package.json ?

That will not work, as the master branch does not include the built artifacts for ember-source. Bower is fine.

We don’t use bower anymore, See https://github.com/pouchdb-community/ember-pouch

Then you can’t test against Ember release, beta, or canary. :smile_cat:

The default addon blueprint is setup to correctly test these channels (still via bower even though the addon normally does not use/need bower). You should model your config/ember-try.js around the default blueprint generated one.

release and beta work fine. See https://travis-ci.org/pouchdb-community/ember-pouch/builds/242074346?utm_source=github_status&utm_medium=notification it is canary we also like to test.

Thanks! We found it. You can write ‘ember-source’: ‘components/ember#canary’ to enable canary testing using NPM.


FWIW, testing against canary without bower is now quite straightforward.

https://emberjs.com/builds/canary contains the current instructions…

 # Install the latest Ember canary:
npm install --save-dev <dynamic path to current build>.tgz

Thanks for this feedback and solving this!