Ember CLI and LiveScript integration



I am trying to add support for LiveScript modules into my project stub created by the ember new command and it seems that I miss some concepts. I am using the broccoli-livescript compiler and a modified Brocfile:

var liveScriptFilter = require('broccoli-livescript');
// ...
var liveScriptCompiledTree = liveScriptFilter('app/');
module.exports = mergeTrees([app.toTree(), liveScriptCompiledTree], {
    overwrite: true

But when I run the ember server, I get an error in my browser’s console, stating that it cannot find the app module.

What did I miss here?

I would also like to propose adding LiveScript support for ember-cli, since CoffeeScript is already there.


I’ve created ember-cli-livescript. In order to use this plugin alongside with other JS preprocessors, wait until #1033 is added to one of the future releases.