Ember-Cli could not be updated in user directory



I am using Mac, OSX 10.9.5

I have upgraded ember-cli to latest version 0.2.5. But ember-cli points to 0.1.1 when i create project inside my user directory.

I have uninstalled, cleared cache then again reinstalled. But i still facing the problem.

Please refer the below image


I think you need to update the global ember-cli installation, not just the version in the project dir

npm install -g ember-cli


I had the same doubt, and i installed it globally, but it didn’t resolve the problem.


Maybe check if you have a ~/node_modules/ember-cli package installed? or use which ember to find where v0.1.1 is installed.


Thanks. ~/node_modules/ember-cli package was installed and I just removed it. It is working fine.