Error while installing ember-cli

I’m need to use ember-cli@2.12.0, so i install node 6.11.4 and npm 3.10.10 version, while installing i face this issue

Can anyone help me to sort this out.

i may not be interpreting this correctly at all but it first glance it looks like you have not run the command with the -g flag to install ember-cli globally and it’s trying to install in the current working directory which doesn’t have a package.json file. What command did you run to try to install?

Iam using npm install -g embercli@2.12.0, but the same issue repeated.

I just tried it and ran into the same issue, but was able to install ember-cli 2.x successfully using node 8 so if that’s workable for you I’d try that. All of these packages/tools are >5 years old so it may be more difficult to get everything working correctly. Good luck!

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