Ember-cli – use custom ember-data build

How can I configure path to my custom ember-data build (outside of bower components folder)? The problem is I found issue in ember data DirtyState.invalid handle pushedData event by turboMaCk · Pull Request #2943 · emberjs/data · GitHub and fixed it. Now I need to add custom build to git repo and point ember cli to use patched version instead of one from bower_components until this will be merged. Any tips?

Noone has some idea?

You just need to use the patched version of ember-data for your app?

This is defined via the bower deps and you should be able to do:

bower install --save-dev git+https://github.com/turboMaCk/data#push-invalid-record

Full docs are on API · Bower

This should not work since bower build of ember data is different from repository. I don’t think there is a way to use bower install without creating my own ember-data build in bower registery.