Ember Data 1.13 woes

To start with, congratulations on shipping. It means a lot to our little team here that we finally have an Ember Data with SemVer guarantees and a throughly well documented canonical format in JSON API.

That said, It strikes me that all is not well with this release.

To start with I’ve had to monkey patch the Fixture Adapter (we’ve installed the add-on as instructed) so it doesn’t crash when ember-data does the isNewSerializerAPI check. I know this isn’t supported anymore, but I’m surprised at the speed which which it became totally broken. (Actually the issue would come up with any adapter that doesn’t specify a serializer - I’ll raise an issue soon).

Second - we’re getting errors from Ember Inspector caused by Ember Data. If I downgrade again, these go away. Again I’ll be digging in and raising an issue soon.

Thirdly, in the absence of documentation (my favourite deprecation has to do with a custom serializer we have, the message for which points to the undocumented normalizeResponse API) I was poking around the source and found this:


Closely followed by this:


Finally, installing from bower brings down an old version of the sourcemap, so debugging these issues wasn’t much fun. Oh, and bower.json wasn’t updated to reflect the version either I’ve already raised an issue about that.


I know it’s early days and these issues are either small or will be fixed soon by upcoming blog posts etc. But from a first impression point of view, this morning has not been good.


The yesterday released ember-data v1.13.4 fixes all issues for us.

ember-data 1.13.3 ruined my day yesterday… scared to trust the next over reverting to a previous version which worked fine

I guess you can submit a PR for the changes to the fixtures adapter.

I understand fully and you’re right. We missed a handful of things in the first 1.13 release and that sucked. We very quickly released 1.13.1, 1.13.2 and 1.13.3 as soon as we got the error reports and the issues was fixed. We also just recently released 1.13.4 and it is what 1.13 should have been imho. There are no big, known, issues in 1.13.4 so I would highly recommend updating to that.

That said, there’s A LOT of new stuff in 1.13.x and writing the blog post (including transition guide to the new Serializer API) has taken much longer than we anticipated. Sorry about that.

If you encounter any issues in the upgrade process please feel free to ping me on Slack and I’ll be happy to help out.