Ember data and error handling on successful async call


I’m working on error handling, for the most part its straight forward. There is only one question I have.

I have a resource called ‘Note’, and a resource called ‘NoteRevision’

Let say we have ‘Note1’ which has two revisions. one with ID = 1 and the other with ID = 2 Then we have ‘Note2’ which has two revisions, one with ID = 3 and the other with ID = 4

When you go to the URL /notes/1/revision/4 (via address bar) that should obviously fail because there is no ‘Note1’ with a revision ID of 4. However because ember data just uses a shallow path, the asynchronous call is /api/v1/noteRevisions/4 which does exist and is successful. Obviously one solution is to have it make the call to /api/v1/noteRevisions/4?note=1 which would fail and send me to the 404 page. But I feel like that since ember data has the ID’s of the correct note Revisions for note 1 already, I should be able to handle this in a better way?



After posting this, if this is something that should normally work… I feel like it could have something to do with my answer for How to delay ember select loading all data at once