Ember Data API documentation

Hi all,

are published API docs for ember data somewhere? Like http://emberjs.com/api/ I didn’t find anything.

Thank you

Not currently. The code itself has decent docs that should be fairly accurate. It’s on my list of todos to get ember data docs published to /api soon.


Because i have looked to the source code and he is documented really well. Would be really helpful have this documentation on web.[quote=“trek, post:2, topic:928”] It’s on my list of todos to get ember data docs published to /api soon. [/quote]

Ok, thank you.

A few dozen @method declarations (and one YUIDoc fork) later, here’s a quick and dirty API documentation: http://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/80097157/ember-data/index.html

Not particularly complete or anything, though. Mostly was curious how usable it’d be.


I have created a first draft blog post of what happens when you commit with EmberData if it helps anyone!! http://rmossuk.github.io/


Thank link is dead now, and the guide on the website is very incomplete. Is the best resource still to go browse the code comments or is there another place with compiled documentation?

emberjs.com now has official API docs for Ember Data :slight_smile:


I quite like to refer to the info in the TRANSITION doc https://github.com/emberjs/data/blob/master/TRANSITION.md

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I’ve got a PR open to add a guide for the ActiveModelAdapter, if anyone’s got any suggestions for things to include please let me know: