Documentation for old versions


Is there a way to access the generated docs for an old version of Ember? We’re stuck on 1.4.

#2 has instructions for building API documentation. I haven’t tested it, but you should be able to follow those instructions using 1.4 and get the appropriate documentation locally.


Thanks. It took a bit of work to get this up and running, but it’s looking great.


I’d recommend the Dash app. Useful for managing many different documentation versions.


Thanks. I’ll look into Dash. I used it before, I couldn’t find a way to see a specific version. I have the docs for 1.4 and Ember beta.7 running locally, so that helps, but using Dash will certainly be better.


Just a side note (this is not ready yet), but it is our intention to provide access to past stable version’s API docs. I’m not quite sure yet how (most likely a subdomain or something), but it is definitely on the radar.


How’s the progress of this? I just started using ember and the project I’m currently working on is stuck on 1.0. It is extremely hard to find any easy accessible API/GUIDE for ember.js 1.0 now.


Hi all. Any updates on this topic? An approximate ETA? I have a large app on ember 1.12.1 and upgrading to 1.13 is not in the near future. Not having docs easily available is a huge pain point.


We built our docs internally. I will publish them while we get an official solution. In the meantime, Dash is a great option.

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Thanks for the tip on Dash! It will get the job done.


I use the web archive. For example, for 1.11,

or for 1.4,


I’ve found to have the same problem, I’d like to have a web URL for older API docs. I think it would help a lot given the fast release cycle.


Most of the core and docs team would love it too :slight_smile: It’s a matter of time and energy. If you’ve got some extra, come join us on the documentation channel on Slack and we can start thinking about how to set it up :+1:


It would have been nice if the api marked methods as ‘Since 1.10’ or similar. Then, I know that this method is not available in my version! Otherwise it is hard for me to find that out. E.g. DS.Model does not have this information on rollbackAttributes method.


Amen :slight_smile: Apparently the core team has been wanting it for a long time, but the main issue has been lack of time.

There’s a in-progress Ember app here that is designed to help with just that (, if you’ve got spare time on your hands, we’re trying to get that done in the near future. :thumbsup: