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I’m going on a 10 hour flight and I’d like to get my hands really dirty with Ember.js (coming från ExtJS). So, I’d like to be able to download all the documentation available (including for Ember data), where/how an I do that? Looks like currently I have to install Ruby, bunch of gems, clone the web site and run that? Or do I need to clone the ember-documentation stuff too, (get Ruby installed, bunch of gems) and fire off some magic command?

You might want to clone the website which is in this repo.

If you’re on windows, use Rails installer, if you’re on Mac, use rvm

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(I’m on Ubuntu Linux) So what you’re saying is that I need to install ruby and all required gems to read ember.js docs offline. That’s a new kind of PDF … :stuck_out_tongue:

pretty much… unfortunately

Not really. All of the guides are written in Markdown, so even if you don’t have Ruby installed on your system, you can read them in your favorite Markdown viewer.


That’s great, but it doesn’t really help with links to the API.

What I did was trying to get an offline mirror with wget, which work quite alright:

  • wget -m -np http://…api/
  • point apache (or anything that can serve static content) to serve the folder wget produced (links are absolute, so you’ll have to serve it from the root of some hostname)

The first thing I would document if/when I know how to do it, is using belongsTo and hasMany with FixtureAdapter.

Thank you so much! That works awesome

I use Dash on Mac OS, an API Documentation Browser which is pretty amazing. For Windows there’s a similar app, Zeal. I haven’t used it, but from the app’s website it seems to have all the Dash docsets available.


check out


I’ll second the recommendation of Dash. I use it to browse docs for Ember (along with docs for many other open-source packages).