Request: ember-cli docs in Dash?

Love Dash. I know it’s easy to go to to read the documentation, but having it in Dash is so convenient and efficient with searching.

I began the process of creating a docset for the documentation based off of the html files, but I hit a wall when I had to build an SQLite database. Above my paygrade… Me and many others would be indebted to anyone who could do this…

Here are the instructions. Once docset is created, here is how you submit.

Thanks in advance!

Have you seen this?

Thank you! Although I’m having some issues trying to install it using the instructions.

This command has been removed. Please use `npm install <packageName> --save-dev --save-exact` instead

Don’t know what I’m doing. I wish the docset was in the Dash repo for easier install (for beginners like me).