Ember Data: Issue with hasMany relationship (Chrome 55)


Recently I have came across an issue in ember data. My models looks like below,

App.SomeModel = DS.Model.extend({ prop1: DS.attr(‘string’), prop2: DS.hasMany(‘other-model’, {async: false}), prop3: DS.hasMany(‘another-model’, {asyc: false}) });

My other two models are defined and entire code compiles. I am trying to create record for the model ‘some-model’ using ember data store. In Chrome (version 54 and above) I am getting error “TypeError: Cannot read property ‘getRecords’ of undefined”. After digging for a while I came to know that one of the relationship is not actually recognized by ember. If I look into ‘_relationships’ property I am not able to see one property ‘prop2

My code is simply creating new record with new id and there are some observers on ‘prop2’ which are trying to read value however resulting an error in console.

This code is working in older versions of chrome and in IE 11.

I am using Ember 1.13.13 Ember Data: 1.0.0-beta12

If you need more information, I would be happy to provide it. Any pointers would be helpful.

Thanks, Nikhil