Ember Data numeric IDs


This may seem like a really dumb question, but do models have to have numeric IDs? Or can they be anything alphanumeric? I ask because the data and backend I’m working with doesn’t really have numeric IDs. The IDs are more or less regular words. For example, if I was working with cars, the ids would be something like “saab” or “bmw”, instead of “1” and “2”. Now, I can enforce the API to return numeric IDs, with my current IDs as some other field, but I’m wondering if I have to do this, just to have Ember Data work as expected. As a side note, I started looking into ember-cli-mirage, and going through the docs, everything seems to assume numeric IDs.


Nope, they can be anything. Our’s are big noSQL UUID keys, eg MTE6Q29tbXVuaXR5LDE. Just return it as the id key and you should be all set. Nothing extra to configure IIRC.


Nothing special. Ids are whatever your API PK/Unique ID