Ember-data skip data-store


I’ve got some large collections (4000+ entities), i load these entities by a self made async selectbox. (like type-a-head). But i do not want to store all this data in the data store, because i’m afraid chrome will crash by the large amounts of data in the data-store.

Is it possible to load data in with ember-data and do not store it? Or to refresh the store once in a while?

You would have to create your own store and implement your own buildRecord. Specifically line 1611.

I can’t recommend this though. If you want to go around ember-data, then perhaps don’t use ember-data for this.

I really like the relations and models, which ember-data provides. I’m only afraid that to much data in the store will make chrome crash. I will take a look at preventing the storage by my self

That’s definitely something you shouldn’t be worrying about, not only for Chrome, but for any browser. Even if you assume each object is a whopping 1KB (which I doubt it will be), you’ll still only talking about a few of megabytes worth of objects. There’s absolutely no reason to worry about memory usage like that.