Ember.handlebars.helper doesn't work on big progect

Hi to all While migration from ember 1.7.0 to 1.9.1 i’ve got some troubles with hbs-helper. After research and debug i decide to try from scratch. I create new empty ember-cli project. Add helper ( code below ) and it works fine But when i copy it into working project - it won’t

The main problem for me - function for computed property didn’t call - and i can’t understand why. On debugging i found that ojbects have different values of ember_meta But it’s too deep for me

Can any body help?

var Permission = Ember.Object.extend({   can: function(){
    console.log('Getter called');
    return 3;   }.property(),   testVal: true });

Handlebars.registerHelper('testCan', function(permissionName, options){   options = options || permissionName;   var permission = Permission.create();

  // wipe out contexts so boundIf uses `this` (the permission) as the context   options.contexts = null;

  return Ember.Handlebars.helpers.boundIf.call(permission, "can", options) });

and in template

{{#testCan read model="podModulePrefix"}}
    <h1>It's works</h1>

Temporary solution was founded Wrong context in custom handlebars helper · Issue #10692 · emberjs/ember.js · GitHub But i suppose it’s better to create computed properties at current scope on the fly and bind their values onto permissions object