Ember Inspector (Firefox) data only shows 5 properties

My Ember Inspector in Firefox seems to only show as maximum of five properties of a data record, even if there are more than five defined on the model and set on the record. There seems to be no distinction between property types (string, number, relation). There’s no horizontal scrollbar or any button that will help me to display everything. Does anyone have a clue?

Specs: Firefox: 37.0.2 Ember Inspector: 1.7.2 Ember: 1.11.3 Ember CLI: 0.2.3

Edit: Just tried the Chrome plugin, same problem :frowning:

Click on either of the records to see the full list of properties. :blush:

Besides: It is recommended to use Chrome as your main development tool - that is if you’re using the Inspector. The update process for addons on Firefox is rather tedious, so the Inspector is almost always not updated to the newest version on Firefox.

I feel like giganticus idioticus maximus right now. :flushed:

Thanks for your advise on Firefox/Chrome.

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