Ember inspector view tree only shows Application when going to 1.13


I’ve been working on upgrading an ember app from 1.08 to 1.13 for quite a while now. It is finally at a state where we are comfortable releasing, however there is one final bug that has us on the fence to do so. In the ember inspector the View Tree only shows Application without any nested routes. In the Routes tab it shows the proper route that I’m on. Obviously this makes debugging much harder and our reluctance to release. This bug only started appearing once we went to 1.13.

Initially I thought it was somewhere in our code, but I’ve searched everywhere that I expected it to be (routes, controllers) and nothing seems out of the ordinary. I will note that our app makes heavy use of Views, but I didn’t think being at deprecation stage should cause anything like this?

Corresponding github issue

Just wanted to chime in to say that I have experienced the same issue. After downgrading to 1.12, the problem was gone.

Good to know it wasn’t only me. Downgrading to 1.12 also worked, unfortunately the main push behind upgrading was glimmer, so hopefully something can be figured out soon

Yeah, same here. It’s probably worth mentioning as well that my application isn’t making heavy use of views. I thought it could have been caused by unresolved promises lurking somewhere, but according to inspector, there are none.

@RobA_M are you using ember-cli or something else like grunt? We are using Grunt with emberTemplates and concat

We are using ember-cli and everything else it employs.

@RobA_M I’m going to try and reproduce it in a JSBin to help diagnose. Anyway you could comment on the github issue for anything else you’ve found

Glimmer landed in 1.13 and changed the way DOM is rendered which broke the DOM inspection. I know @teddyzeenny is working on it but that is a tough problem to maintain compat for view tree inspection across two different rendering paths (pre-1.13 and post-1.12).

EDIT: I see looking at the Github issue that @teddyzeenny is working with you on this. Sorry to jump in without reading the whole thread.