Ember.js Developer in Los Angeles

We are a growing startup company looking for some additional team members that can help us build FanWire.com from the ground up. Ember is an exciting framework and we are hoping to utilize its capabilities in ways that may seem impossible.

FanWire is a social networking platform for Fans, utilizing API’s and curating data based on the user’s connectivity.

The ideal candidate would have a solid grasp of Ember, and REST APIs. This position will begin with contract but can turn into a full time position for the right person.

We are also accepting internship applications for those that are still trying to get a grasp on the language and would like to learn from an experienced team of developers at a startup company. If you are still in school and have been poking around with various front end languages and are interested in some new challenges, submit your cover letter and resume to: info@fanwire.com.

I’m curious what it is you’re planning on doing that will appear impossible to an experienced ember dev.

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Hi Endash,

That’s for contacting me. To be honest, I’ve already tried hiring three different developers who have claimed they were able to take the challenge for building the website, and nobody was able to get the task figured out properly. Now, I should also mention, they weren’t using Ember, they were attempting to use AJAX and JQuery just to accomplish the task, but I was told by a friend of mine, that the Ember community would be a little more knowledgeable about what I’m trying to accomplish.

FanWire is all about layers on top of layers. A single page platform that combines social networking, with many different APIs all curated based on the users interests with interactive chatrooms. The challenge for everyone seemed to be the layers aspect.

Are you Los Angeles based?


@endash, I’m curious why you think it seems like an impossible task?