Ember.js developer in Sydney, Australia

We are looking for an experienced front end developer to join a small team to deliver an exciting new project. This role is a great opportunity to apply the latest and greatest tools and technologies. We have a privilege to design and develop for Chrome only. We have a very strong culture of shipping, are action oriented, and work iteratively. We are on two week sprints and are continuously getting code out the door. At the same time we also have a very strong product and UX culture, so we’re constantly asking “are these the right features that serve user needs” and “is this the best user experience possible?” In all of our sprints we generally try to spend ten to fifteen percent of our time addressing tech debt, making sure that we keep our code and architecture elegant and straightforward.

This position will begin with a 9 months contract but can turn into a full time position for the right person. We have the camaraderie of a startup, with all the nice perks of a big company. We are situated in the best central part of sunny and beautiful Sydney.

No cover letters or resumes please. Simply send a short (very short) story about your experience and the interesting projects you have delivered. Also include LinkedIn, GitHub and StackOverflow profiles to deniss.alimovs@gmail.com

Is this req still open?