I've started a Sydney Ember.js user group


Hi all,

Apologies, I couldn’t find a more suitable discussion group. I’ve started an Ember.js user group here in Sydney, Australia and was wondering if any one was able to add a link to the group on the Ember.js website. Address is:


And if anyone here is from Sydney, sign up and come along to the meetings!




Greetings from across the ditch,

I’m in Wellington, New Zealand. I’m interested in your meetup, though I’m unlikely to attend very frequently!

Will sign up.


Tweeted about it: https://twitter.com/wtem/status/330153462669144065


Fantastic, thanks very much! Really appreciate it!


Fab! I’m located in Melbourne, but I’ll try to pop in and say Hi next time i’m in town.


So my guess it didn’t really take off :frowning: