Indianapolis meetup

Is there anybody here that would be interested in an Indianapolis Ember meetup? It’s still in the idea stages right now, but we want to get your feedback. My company would be hosting it in the building we work in (it’s a pretty cool place), and everything would be free. We’d provide food and drinks, you’d just have to show up. We’d probably have a short talk or two, but nothing to bother you with. The goal of the meetup would just be to have some fun, talk about Ember, and do some networking.

If this is something your interested in, please ‘Like’ this post. If we get a fair amount of interest, we’ll starting planning the event for ASAP.


Not from over there, but the more the merrier! Do ya’ll have plans for recording them and putting them on youtube?

Yes we would. I am using ember.js here in Indianapolis, Indiana. I don’t know anybody but myself who is using it.

Yes, this would be great. I used to regularly attend the JavaScript meetup but have missed the last few after starting a new position.

I am enthusiastic about this and know of at least two other developers who would be interested.

Yes, I would go to this!

Yes, I would go to this as well.

I didn’t realize this thread had been bumped. I’ll talk to my team and see if it’s still something they’d want to do.

Gordon, just last week I created the official meetup group for Ember.js Indianapolis. Join us for the first meeting at TinderBox on Oct 22. If you’d like to speak/present at all let me know. Glad to hear there is interest in using Ember around Indianapolis.