Ember - Minify CSS File in public Folder

When I build my ‘super-rentals’ Ember app with command ‘ember build -prod’ all css files in ‘app\styles’ folder are minified but css files in ‘public\assets\css’ folder are not minified. So, how could I minify all css file in ‘public\assets\css’ folder?

Conventionally, the public folder is for files you want unaltered in the final output. It would be easiest just to move the files to app/styles.

If you really want to do this, you will need to use a little broccoli in your ember-cli-build.js.

let CSSminifier = require('broccoli-clean-css');
let anotherStylesTree = new CSSMinifier('public/assets/css');

return app.toTree(anotherStylesTree);