Ember over Knockout (or Angular)

I have a question for those out there with Ember and Knockout (or Angular) experience. I’m looking for a frontend JavaScript framework for my next project and I’m looking into both Ember and Angular and I have experience in Knockout. There are some things about Knockout that bug me hence why I’m moving away from the framework. I was wondering if people here could give me some advantages that Ember has over Knockout or Angular and why I should use it in my web application.


(Sorry if that was too broad a question…)

Ember is very structured. The core team invests a lot of time into building framework in way that doesn’t give you footguns( something that you can use to shoot yourself in the foot with ) Ember is created for building ambitious applications. It provides structure necessary to grow and maintain applications overtime as complexity increases.

I used Knockout for a production application and then transitioned to Ember. As Steve, the creator of Knockout, has stated, Knockout is a library, not a framework. From my experience, it’s best used in addition to a server generated web page rather than the basis for a single page app.

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I find myself asking the same question.

I have an angular app in production. Now, I’m converting it to Ember.

Ember fells right, just like Rails is more elegant, simpler.

The docs and tutorials need a lot of work, but the community is awesome.

I have made my choice more on the potencial that Ember shows than on the actual state of it.