Ember Place Autocomplete not calling placeChangedCallback function

I am running into the issue where when using ember place autocomplete search bar as a component it is not recognizing the placeChangedCallback function defined in the actions in my component. I am not sure what is going on.


<p id=“message”>Message: {{message}}</p>

<p>Full adddress from JSON sent to the callback: {{{fullAddress}}}</p>

<p>Clean string: {{cleanFullAddress}}</p>

<p> Model address: {{address}}</p>

<div id=“search-bar” data-google-auto=“{{googleAuto}}”>

<label class=“visually-hidden” for=“input-search”>Add a new address</label>



value= address

handlerController= this

placeholder=“Add a new address”

inputClass= ‘place-autocomplete–input’

placeChangedCallback= “addressChanged”



withGeoLocate= true


<pre style=“font-size: 6px;”>




googleMapsRestrictions: { country: ‘us’, }, fullAddress: null, googleAuto: null, action: { done(){ console.log(“Reached”); }, addressChanged(place) { console.log(“***********”+place);


Hey @yefan15,

Could you take a look at the issue? I leave a short answer there:

I will try to focus on having a better documentation about how to use the addon before the year ends.

Best regards, Daniel

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