Ember-cli autocomplete


I just want autocomplete ui inside ember-cli project. I’ve written autocomplete text box(returns filtered data), but it’s not ui. just want something like jquery -autocomplete box. how can impelement it inside ember-cli project?


Check out: https://github.com/instructure/ic-autocomplete

I’ve as to yet not been able to actually get ic-autocomplete working in Ember-CLI. I assumed simply running npm install ic-autocomplete --save-dev would enable me to use {{ic-autocomplete}} inside my app, but it seems it does not get includes in vendor.js. Any hints as to why?

To answer my own question, in case it helps anyone trying their Google-fu as to get their head around how Ember-CLI should or could work: I ended up including app.import('bower_components/ic-autocomplete/dist/globals/main.js'); in Brocfile.js and that seemed to be all that there was to it.

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