Ember Releases and Nodejs / Ember Docker Environment?

Hi all,

Is there exists an overview all Ember versions and what node.js version ist needed?

For example:

  • Ember 2.13.0 - Node 6.2
  • Ember 2.18.0 - Node 8
  • Ember 3.5.0 - Node 10

My problem is: In the last 2 years I implemented 3 little different websites based on ember.

  • Ember 2.13.0 under Node 6
  • Ember 3.0.0 under Node 8 ( I think )
  • Ember 3.5.0 under Node 10

About months I updated my installed Ember and Node versions for tests etc… and now its not possible for me to working on my older projects. It would be very nice when Ember would provide his own needed environment with Docker. I am not a Docker specialist but for me its a general problem to work on many projects about the time. What are your experience about this problem?

Best regards, Mario

Sounds like you are looking for our node support policy:

Many thanks for the link. This was exactly what I searched for.

Maybe do you have a solution for my described problem? :slight_smile:

TBH, I’m not sure. I don’t think I fully understand the underlying problem well enough to agree/disagree with the conclusion you seem to be drawing (that we should provide docker contianers).

FWIW, I don’t particularly want to have to be in the business of maintaining docker container infrastructure (and frankly don’t know much about the state of the art these days anyways), but if there were some “easy” way to do it and enough folks that wanted it we should definitely investigate further.