Dependence on Node.js


As a relative Ember newbie, I sometimes wonder how the version of Node.js affects Ember. Should I always upgrade to the latest version of Node? If older equipment has trouble compiling the latest version, is it okay to use an older version, or will that mean I can’t use certain packages? There should be at least a sentence or two in the documentation addressing Node. I don’t want to spend a lot of time reading unnecessary stuff in the Node forums.


I would say that the newer the Node.js, and especially npm, the better performance you will have.

There already is, did you find that insufficient for your needs? Other than that information, there might be some sporadic problems with newer versions of Node.js, like with Node.js 6 which changed some APIs and broke Ember CLI.


Oh, Geez. My bad. I don’t know how I missed that reference. Thanks for the response. #facepalm


i am using node 6.2.1 but working fine with embercli 2.6.1. Is it stillb roken? should i change version?