Ember.rs (rewrite my models+controllers in Rust)

There are a number of WASM SPA frameworks emerging. Some interact with the DOM, others render on a canvas.

NONE of them support templates, or the MVC or MVVM design pattern that templates represents.

I think that leaves Ember in a unique position to do something to enable JS controllers & models to be replaced with Rust.

Maybe LinkedIn would have a vested interest in sponsoring something along those lines?

Not rust but I’m intending on shipping an (optional) router for EmberData that constrains you to only JS that can be compiled with static hermes

What would be the benefit of writing parts of the app in Rust and compiling to WASM?

Type safety, script API contracts, and then controllers calling into complex Rust based WASM libraries for inference (“tract”: onnx, tensorflow, etc) or image manipulation. Or more comprehensive storage adapters written in gRPC.