Ember.select missing in Ember 2.3

Dear Members,

I am converting a product from Ember 1.x to Ember 2.3. In Ember 2.3 there is no Ember.select (dropdown). Please assist me in this.

I tried to create a component and tried it as following too:

import Ember from 'ember';

export default Ember.Select.extend({


it gave Ember.select not found error. Regards:


Sadly, the Ember Select component was deprecated with the 2.0 shift since (as I understand it) it relied on views. Not sure why they didnt bake an official component to replace it.

Heres the bit in the deprecation docs about it. It has a link to some good(ish) addons that handle it.


You asked a very similar question here - Ember.select helper not working in Ember 2.3

Any reason you need a new set of answers?