Ember select with multiple=true not working in Chrome


I am having a ember select view as a component with multiple=true. I am not able to select any element inside the dropdown in Chrome, but in Firefox its working without any issues

Here is my multi-select.hbs:

State {{view "select" content=filter.options optionValuePath="content.id" optionLabelPath="content.value" class="form-control" multiple="true" selection = Controller.selectedItems }}

My ember version: “ember”: “~1.10.0”,

MY chrome version: Version 42.0.2311.152 (64-bit)


Pretty sure the valid HTML should be:

<select multiple> or <select multiple="multiple">
with HTMLBars, I think you can pass in a boolean and it will do that automatically:
{{view 'select' multiple=true}}
what you’re doing is <select multiple="true">

If it still doesn’t work, make a fiddle! :smiley: