Select tag using Ember


{{#if view.vehicle}} Vehicle TYpe
{{view view.Select multiple=“true” class=“model” name="vehicleList" contentBinding="view.vehicleModel" optionLabelPath="content.itemLabel" optionValuePath="content.itemValue" selectionBinding=“view.vehicleType”}}


By doing as above am not able to select multiple using shift+arrow in IE10 and IE11 so am trying to change as below

{{#if view.vehicle}} Vehicle TYpe
{{#each view.vehicleModel}} <option value="{{itemValue}}" selected={{if isSelected ‘selected’}}>{{itemLabel}} {{/each}}


How the selectionBinding can be done in secondcase?


Why not just use Ember power select


I’d definitely second what @leondmello said. Also, that example looks quite old (early 1.x era), perhaps running through the latest documentation on would help you get up to speed?