Ember-simple-auth and digest auth

Hi all. I need to implement digest auth in my Ember app. Is there some built-in mechanism in ember-simple-auth (as I understand, it’s most popular auth lib for ember) that supports digest auth. If no, does it make sense to implement digest with ember-simple-auth? Or it will be easier to create own solution?

You might be able to create a provider for Torii which plugs into Simple-Auth. I can’t think offhand how, though. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a Digest module for Angular. You could take a look at that.

Here it is

Thx for answer! I’m not fully understand the difference between simple-auth and torii. Both provide possibility to create authentication (oauth, session-based, custom etc). Both can be used in routes and templates to control app behavior. What sense to use simple-auth with torii as a plugin? Is it possible to implement digest auth just with simple-auth or just with torii? What benefits from using them both together? What way is simpler?)

P.S. It’s very sad that there is no similar plugin for Ember =(

It is quite confusing. And i’m def not an expert.

Torii abstracts the providers. You could have an app that allows for logging in via an assortment of OAuth providers, eg. Google, LinkedIn, FB, etc. Torii includes hooks for several, giving you the means to do so without having to implement those yourself. And it also allows for creating custom providers. Like HTTP Digest, for instance.

So, in Ember-Simple-Auth, one would use the Torii authenticator, and in Torii, a custom Digest provider.

Having said that, you might be able to create a “custom authenticator” in ESA alone. I found the documentation for both ESA & Torii, together, to be thoroughly confusing.

If you can get all that sorted in your head, then studying the Angular module might allow you to do the same for Ember.