Ember time picker component, which works in ember 1.10.0

is there a good bootstrap date time component which works on ember 1.10.0

This component is too good and simple, however it does not work in ember 1.10.0

i.e. ember install ember-bootstrap-datetimepicker

Interested explicit on time component to get users input of Hours and Minutes rather than date. Prefer components which work in all 3 major browsers i.e. Chrome, FireFox and IE

I use ember-cli-bootstrap-datepicker and it always worked for me. Perhaps fix the time an other way?

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This component does work in 1.10.0, however does not support input capture of only time… I am looking for only time component HH:mm format, could you recommend more

inputGroupClass: computed(‘attrs.noIcon’, function () { if (!this.getAttr(‘noIcon’)) { return ‘input-group’; } }),

Error shown is

bs-datetimepicker.js:19 Uncaught TypeError: this.getAttr is not a function

How to fix this, as the code only works in ember 1.13.11 but not in 1.10.0 or 1.11.3 or 1.12.1 or 1.13.3

In the interest of others, ‘Tag 0.4’ of the code at ember-bootstrap-datetimepicker - npm works in ember 1.10.0

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