Ember to play nicely with CMS?

There doesn’t seem to be too much chatter here about Ember apps playing nicely with a CMS for client content updates. Does anyone have any easy solutions for this (preferably not with a cloud based paid CMS)? Wordpress API works, but I know there’s got to be something better out there. When I used WordpressAPI it felt like all my time was spent hacking it together to make it work.

Curious to hear more about this! Thanks!

DjangoCMS would be a better option IMO then WordPress but it is designed to handle the front end.

Maybe Django REST Framework could be used to create an API that would be consumed by ember.

There isn’t any reason why Ember would not be up to the task. It isn’t even a particularly tall order. Maybe the lack of traffic is because CMS tends to fall more on the website side of the blurry line between site vs. app?

Have you considered rolling your own? The napkin-ware data model in my head seems dangerously simple–like I am not considering something. (I am a casual WP “operator”).

Thanks guys! Decided to roll my own using Laravel (based off of PyroCMS). It should be almost plug and play with there API module. Happy to share if there is some interest.

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