API first Cloud CMS that plays nicely with Ember

Has anyone had any good experiences with a API-first Cloud CMS that plays nicely with Ember?

I was hoping to build out a project with https://prismic.io or https://cosmicjs.com to try them out, but it didn’t seem like they offer any adapters or have any road-map for Emberjs setup.

I’m pretty happy with the WordPress API for many of my projects, but I was excited to possibly move on to something that leaves out the traditional wp-install and hosting.

Any thoughts? This is all I found at first: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/23494210/how-to-call-prismic-io-api-from-ember-js

Since then, I reached out to prismic and cosmic and they both said something along the lines of “Our product works with any front-end or backend.” On another note, I wonder if these are the same company

Here is an npm package for cosmic for example, https://github.com/cosmicjs/cosmicjs-node - but before I start trying to work with that, I wanted to see if there was any example or precedent out there for how to smoothly work with ember-data / along the lines of ember-fire https://github.com/firebase/emberfire

Let me know if you’ve heard of anyone using one of these services with Ember.

CosmicJS added some guides on creating adapters and serializers that work with their api,

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Nice. I’ve built a real estate website where ember is used for the admin side. Would be a good complement for this project.

Another year has passed and I’m back looking for a cloud CMS for a company blog… I’ll check out Cosmic and see how they are doing with Ember integration.

Check https://kenticocloud.com/. It might be what you’re looking for. And it should be even possible quite easily to write a decent data adapter for that.

The JSON API module for Drupal 8 is also coming along nicely. It’s plug and play, you can filter, sort and specify exactly which fields to return for each request.

If you don’t have a PHP server — or don’t want to deal with it, try out https://pantheon.io/ which offers a free plan, too.

I have a few PHP servers - and also don’t want to deal with them. haha

So, far the ember-wordpress is working out great for my needs - but with a new cloud CMS coming out every month, one of them has to be a big winner. I’ve noticed that they’ve been adding graphQl options and a bunch of cool stuff… but there’s still a deal breaker somewhere in each. I’m playing around with contentful, tipe, and typewriter this week.

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any new thoughts here @sheriffderek or should I check the ember slack channels?

@dshults If you’re still looking, I’m currently working on a JSON:API compliant headless CMS.

We’re aiming to launch in the next few months, https://www.lexascms.com/

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