Newbie questions about developing a CMS Front-end with Ember


Hi there , I’m an old school c++ developer , i did developed and maintained several internal content management systems ( not web based ) for organizations in my country for past decade , now my managers and clients ask me to publish those data through a web based cms

There is almost 20 different content-types across my system for managing media , articles , news , … even quotes , i managed to develop a jsonapi , graphql schema , and several other api mechanics on top of my system for every possible action , now i’m at the edge of diving into developing the web base front-end , after researching for a month i decided to go with Ember , i have several issues which may sounds newbie to you but keep in mind i’m a low-level programmer with no idea about so many crazy stuffs in web development , here is my initial problems :

1 : is it possible to hide my graphql , api , … ( server requests ) , am i able to do server-side request and pass rendered chunks to my view !? myapi <----> server <-----> client

2 : if the question 1 scenario is possible , when client requests for new pages am i able to post just the rendered components required for that page to view !

3 : is there any mechanics ( addons ) for ember to cache api requests ( time based , tag based , … )

4 : is there any example with these features to play with !?

I have so many other questions , but i need to know these initials to consider using ember Thanks in advance, and sorry if i explained my background , just let you know i’m new


Hi I like to help people to start with Ember. I used perl a lot and switched to javascript and Ember. After playing with jsonapi I switched to CouchDB/PouchDB for the cache you also need. So I can’t answer your questions exactly but can point you to my example that uses this. Source:

It is easy to create a backend sync between your system and a CouchDB database. The Sync between Ember and CouchDB is handled automatically by ember-pouch

Hope it helps.