Ember with Dart


Is Ember ever going to be ported/wrapped/whatever_you_call_it to dartlang?

I’m very impressed by Dart and would love to use great Ember framework with Dart language.


As much as I’d like a more type safe way to develop Ember apps, I doubt this is on anyone’s radar.

I seem to recall @tomdale poking fun at the idea in a blog post late last year (http://emberjs.com/blog/2013/12/17/whats-coming-in-ember-in-2014.html)


Yeah, I know it sounds a bit ridiculous since some of the dart and ember have some overlapping features but I really really want to have a solid MVC framework(i.e. ember) on dart.

Plus, as an iOS guy I really want to have some type checking.


Agree with you guys, but maybe wait a bit.

People can be dismissive of Dart, but it’s now a standard, or a “standard”, and native Dart support ever makes it into Chrome, watch out. Google knows that MoreSpeed changes minds fast…


I am just curious, anyone has experience with using EmberJS with Dart? From now, when Dart’s main focus is to create a perfect dart2js compiler, it is not so creasy idea to use Dart with EmberJS for a WebApp project… What do you think?


There is going to be a Dart summit in April, maybe we could get some answers there