EmberConf 2014 - Who's Going? - Hotel Sharing - Plans

I’m sure everyone has already heard but there is going to be an EmberConf this year. I’m already planning on going. Its probably a little premature since we don’t know where the venue is yet but I wanted to throw out there that I would be up for splitting a hotel with someone during the conference.

Also wanted to see if anyone was thinking they might show up in Portland early or leave late. Maybe an unofficial third ember hack day?

Howdy Ray—

I’ve updated the Lanyrd page to list the Venue (The Nines) and the ticket price. They’re not on sale just yet, but I know people are wanting more detail so they can start making plans.

There will be a small room block at the conference venue with a slightly cheaper price than the norm (I think it’ll be $209 per night, but don’t quote me just yet). There’ll be a dedicated link/portal to reserve rooms in our block. The Nines is a tad pricier than some of the other hotels, but it’s also a lot nicer, and has the convenience factor of being in the same building as the conference. I did a site tour including the guest rooms and was pretty impressed with the overall ambiance and general quality.

We don’t have a website for the conference yet, but I do already have answers to most questions people might have, so feel free to reach out directly or cc me on threads here for any additional info.

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

—Leah, @wifelette