Will the talks from EmberConf be recorded?

Hallow fellow Ember devs!

I am so super excited about the upcoming EmberConf, therefor also quite frustrated that i can’t be there due to distance and economy. So would any know if the talks is recorded, if yes how soon can we get our eyes on them?

There are so many great subjects, would be a incredible pain to miss out on just one of them!

Thank you.


I overheard in #ember-dev that they will be recorded, but not lived streamed. Not sure about the time table to have them posted, but I remember last years embercamp videos being up pretty quick.

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Although livestream would have been epic, i did’t expect it :smile:. But this is great news raytiley, thank you for your post.

Putting them up on Confreaks on Youtube would be hugely appreciated by the people who aren’t there.


looks like the talks will be recorded:

I’m at the conf right now – the talks are definitely being recorded.


Great :+1: where I would find the recorded videos? Can someone post the link?

They will be here: http://www.confreaks.com/events/emberconf2014

It usually takes a few weeks for the confreaks team to get all of the post-production done, so I’d expect them shortly, but nothing yet.

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It looks like they are starting to post them now. Two of the talks are available on the confreaks page atm, hopefully the rest will come shortly!