Emberjs and firebase

Is there any data binding library for emberjs and firebase

It would be a nice project to write a firebase adapter for Ember Data :slight_smile:

There’s one on github - https://github.com/thomasboyt/ember-firebase-adapter

I’m not sure what state it’s at though.

Right on cue, here’s an accompanying blog post - http://www.thomasboyt.com/2013/04/13/emberjs-and-firebase.html

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I certainly like the nomenclature… Firebase… ember…

I thought about the name “Charcoal” for the adapter, but I’d used that on a failed attempt at an Ember build system, and didn’t want to confuse anyone who came across old references :stuck_out_tongue:

Something that I didn’t get far into in that blog post is that the adapter supports live-updating properties on models, as well as the relationship abilities you’d come to expect from any Ember Data adapter. Lots of information about that in the docs: https://github.com/thomasboyt/ember-firebase-adapter/wiki

As for the “state” of it (re @owz ), it’s relatively solid. Certainly as solid as any other Ember Data adapter - that is to say, Ember Data will have more breaking revisions in the future, and they’ll probably affect the adapter. I’ve been making sure to write tests as I go for that exact reason :slight_smile:

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