Status board for Ember Data adapters

Currently it’s somewhat hard to know if a given adapter is going to work well with Ember Data, and if it dues with which version. With the looming 1.0, this problem will likely get even worse.

So I was thinking earlier that Ember.js could have a status board somewhere which would list which features a certain adapter does/doesn’t implement.

I would like to open discussion as to exactly what those features would be, and how to go about actually setting up the status board.

Here’s a few adapters:


@locks this sounds like a great idea. I think it would be useful to list out some of the data that it would be useful to collect for each adapter.

In addition to the supported version of Ember Data, some things I’d like to see are:

  • Available on bower
  • Available on npm
  • Example repo of the adapter used with a project

I’m also curious about which features are commonly not supported by adapters. The things that come to mind is the FixtureAdapter’s lack of support for async relationships and findQuery. What else am I missing?

Hm, what about nested URLs-related problems?

Some adapters may be read only and also some may expose additional functionality too. I think as well as set criteria we need additional notes on an adapter.

How would this be structured? Github pages, Jekyll, pull request to do changes / add a new adapter?

Hm, that’s something to keep in mind. If we come up with a core set of capabilities that the adapters can/should support, then we can show which adapters support which capabilities, and we can add a note for extended functionality like you suggest.

I was thinking that this would be a curated list, at least at first, of adapters with live status (think travis-ci build status reports).

Did anything come of this?