Ember / Ember Data compatibility matrix?

I know that ED is still in beta, but people are using it. And needing to upgrade. It would be nice if the Ember team could compile and maintain a matrix of which versions of Ember match up with which versions of Ember Data to make it easier for users to mix and match.

Along those lines, anyone know what version of Ember Data I should be using if I upgrade to Ember 1.1.2? Would it be Ember Data 1.0.0-beta.3?

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I’m using ember-data 1.0 beta 3 with ember.js 1.1.2 (and django + the ember 1.0 branch of my django adapter)

I’ve been using Ember Data Canary w/ Ember Canary. My api uses a compound document (side-loading). I don’t expect my app to be in production for at least a month. So it seemed worth the effort to skate to where the puck is going. My app is fairly small, so testing weekly is not a big deal.

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Did you edit this reply? Is the version of the rest adapter on CDNJS the most recent or will I need to build this?

@commadelimited because we have not yet updated the README or merged the branch to master you will need to build it. Just do a git clone , checkout the ember1.0 branch, do an npm install (requires node 0.8+), add each node exec to your path like so

export PATH=“./node_modules/.bin:$PATH”

And finally do a “grunt test” -this will build and test the adapter

Look in the dist folder and you should see the legit adapter ember-data-django-rest-adapter.js