Ember Data Timeline


Hey guys, I’ve noticed that the page for Ember Data haven’t been updated since March last year. Can anyone give us a timeline on when to expect version 1.0? Then how do I get into this should you require any help?


Hi Editor.

I don’t think there is a set timeline for when to expect 1.0. Ember Data is working toward solving these issues for 1.0 https://github.com/emberjs/data/issues/2545. Unfortunately, the main constraint is time. Help is always welcome. Feel free to check out the issues labeled “Good For New Contributors” on the Ember Data repo. https://github.com/emberjs/data/issues?q=is%3Aopen+is%3Aissue+label%3A"Good+for+New+Contributors"

What page for Ember Data hasn’t been updated since March? I’ve heard that comment before but I’m never really sure what page everyone is referring to.


Hey bmac, thank you so much for your response.

The page I’m referring to is: http://emberjs.com/blog/2014/03/18/the-road-to-ember-data-1-0.html. Not sure if it was a once off post but it is kinda confusing.

The first link is going to help a lot! I can understand that it’s hard to set down any timeline, so seeing what still need to be done is great. I’m very new to contributing to open source projects so I’m going to go with your advice and start with the ‘good for new contributors’

Thank you for your time!


I am glad I found this. I had the same question as well. I am just learning Ember & so far love it. I use Visual Studio 2013 and its a little confusing when it comes to using nuget with Ember. For instance, when I install the emberdata, it installs ember v1.1.2 even though I have a newer Ember version. So I decided to manually include the latest files. So could you kindly point me in the right direction?

Regards, Anthony


at the end of the ember 2.0 rfc, it says this

“Expect to see many more RFCs covering these features in depth soon (including a roadmap for Ember Data 1.0). We look forward to hearing your feedback!”


and I saw something mentioning ember data 1.0 being released around emberConf 2015 in march but I am pretty sure that changed


Ember Data almost feels abandoned… It has almost as many open issues and pull requests as Ember itself…


Really? What part of Ember Data’s commit history looks “abandoned” to you?


Ok so I had a look at the outstanding issues, some of them sound serious, others not so much. Some just sound like new features - ‘implement the Snapshots API’?

If I look at this objectively, I cannot foresee this going live any time soon - which is unfortunate because I do believe Ember is superior to most other client side MVC frameworks. As a suggestion, shouldn’t you consider reducing scope? Move out the items that isn’t working in order to find some solid ground again. Go live with less and add the features which is preventing you right now, to later versions.

Some are using ember-data in production. Perhaps cut down to what they are using and have already battle-tested and ship it?


Ember Data is fine. You can totally use it in production- what it’s missing is mostly corner cases, advanced usage stuff, and some polish. Alternatively, you can just use AJAX, which is probably what you’d be doing in just about any other framework.


Hey kylecoberly. I understand - but I can’t get clients to buy in on beta. Thats the big problem. But yea, right now I’m going to continue with Ajax calls (which isn’t really what I want 100% of the time), and then incorporate ember-data once it’s ready (official).

Thanks anyways, your message shines a bit of light (and hope), I’ll try it on some of my personal projects.


I understand your position, I also wish they’d just push ED 1.0, even if it had a super-short life before 2.0. It really is a great project that has steadily gotten better over time. Really, all the things that feel a little "beta" about it are more dev quirks than anything- I’ve never had a runtime error that wasn’t my fault since the very first 1.0 beta.


FWIW: I’ve been using beta 12 in production and it’s working well. But if you can get by with just AJAX, ED is probably overkill. In fact, ED does have quite a conceptual weight and complexity to it, the investment in which only pays off if you have a sufficiently complex data model. The (simpler) ED alternatives are worth checking out.