Is there a roadmap or goals for Ember Data (official or unofficial)?

This is just an open question about ember data. It’s not a rant or dig on the status of the project.

I had a fellow developer ask me the standard, “What’s going on with Ember-data?”, earlier this week. And I didn’t immediately have a good answer. I know there’s still some work with regards to “async relationships” going on, but other than that I wasn’t sure. What’s more, I realized I didn’t really know the what the roadmap and goals were for the project.

I searched around a bit this morning and didn’t find anything recent. So I wanted to pose this as a question here.

The first place that comes to mind are Ember RFCs that relate to ember-data Issues · emberjs/rfcs · GitHub

Sorry about the ambiguity here. We really need to do a better job about communicating externally exactly what is going on.

In the last couple of weeks, we’ve been putting together a punchlist of feature work/bugfixes that need to get done before the 1.0 release. I need to sync up with @wycats and Igor, but I think the plan is to publish this as a blog post or a GitHub issue checklist (or both) so people have a stronger sense of what’s going on.

TL;DR our hope is to have Ember Data 1.0 out sometime before EmberConf 2015. The earlier the better, but we won’t ship it until it’s ready.

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Hope ember blog can have weekly meeting minute as before

@michiel Yea that’s a great idea. RFCs definitely give insight into near term project goals and upcoming changes. Thanks!

@tomdale Thanks for taking a minute to respond, I know you’re a busy guy. I look forward to the blog post!

– Wesley

Thanks for response @tomdale

I am curious to see the punch list. From my perspective Ember Data seems pretty solid these days. I think you guys probably need to re-articulate the big vision for 1.0 and what does it mean for the API to be complete. What use cases are not supported, but plan to be supported.

Knowing what you guys know to be incomplete/slightly broken probably helps many people avoid whatever pitfalls are left.

Anyway looks like a lot progress has been made.

Also, is there any implicit tracking with the 1.0 release of JSON API? Seems like that is close to 1.0 too.

Docs for Ember Data are better these days too, but I think more intermediate to advanced uses and code patterns should be documented. Show us concrete examples of saving multiple relationships (promise chaining?), sideloading vs embedded, pagination, buffering, customization (adapters/serializers), polymorphic relationships, etc.