EmberJS buid-in form validations and forms API

Hi all,

returning back to Ember JS after some time…Please, can someone recommend me or bring me up to speed about the state of whether Ember JS have any build-in form validations? Or can someone recommend me some EmberJS based form tool…?

To be honest, I love Ember, especially how this framework forces the developer to be creating app in structures, but where Angular 1.x have always been miles in front of Ember is the Form API…

thanks for info.


During introduction of EmberJS 2.0 from Tom Dale Philly ETE 2015 #25 - Ember 2.0: Out-of-the-Box Productivity - Tom Dale - YouTube, Tom mentioned http://www.emberaddons.com/ where there are multiple form extensions based on Ember…

Question answered. :smile: