EmberJS With PlayFramework

hi anyone here used ember with PlayFramework…? if it so pls give me some suggestions about that… Note:I already tried with Play-ember module by krumpi and webjar by jamewsard. i want to know anyone used ember with play without using above module or webjar… Thanks…

I’m building my backend with Play and using ember-cli to build the front-end(ember app). Do you have any specific question?

To integrate the ember app with play, where did you include the two files (vendor.js and app.js) in your play application? Thanks

HI @fayimora, Can you please explain how this integration is setup and works, Play as a backend and ember as a frontend

I was never part of the original thread but we use Scala/Play backend and multiple ember frontend apps so I can give a brief overview and you can ask any questions you want to dig in further.

Essentially our backend is entirely decoupled from the front-end. The API used to have JSON endpoints and also a built-in admin panel but we just replaced that with an Ember app so the API is now entirely headless (only JSON endpoints).

The Ember app is deployed to and served from Amazon S3 with CloudFront, not from the API. So essentially they are entirely separate. We like this system as it separates concerns and deploying Ember apps to S3 and CloudFront is easy and works really well. There are also multiple apps that consume the API so it makes sense for us to keep it all separate.

Configuring Ember to use the API is as easy as setting the host. As far as Ember Data goes, we’ve had to customize a lot of our serializers and adapters but that has more to do with the specifics of the API design than the fact that it is Scala/Play.

Thanks for the brief information how are the benchmarks of performance of both backend and frontend in your ecosystem …

Performance is good all around. Our front-end app is very data hungry and the server side is able to easily keep up with demand and the client can process and render the data pretty trivially.

And the new Ember-powered admin panel is MUCH faster than the old server-side rendered site. Since it’s not loading an entirely new HTML document each time you hit a different page and only making a couple ajax requests instead (not to mention Ember’s excellent rendering performance) the speed difference is very noticeable.