Evaluation of WebFrameworks


Hi there,

our Company is evaluating some WebFrameworks. We want to move from our Serverside-render-framework to a SPA Framework. We are developing CRUD WebApps for internal and external use. So here are my two cents on Ember:

I really like the architecture of Ember. But documentation is a huge downside of ember. It is a real pain if you are googling for something and get an outdated resolution which doesn’t work in the Version of Ember you are using. Maybe the release cycle is to short for new features.

From my point of view, I would say that Documentation is the most important feature you have to implement :wink: Other features are secondary.
And when i mean Documentation i mean not only core concepts. Why shouldn’t there be a tutorial with an CRUD Application using JQueryUI or some other UI Toolkit. Also Tutorials for REST services which do not have the correct structure, etc.

Next i’m missing is a built in solution for internationalization. I know there is an Addon, but why no built in support which works well with ember Data.

The upgrade process for ember-cli could be better. so i only need to say i want ember 2.0.1 and my bower.json is updated automatically.

A other thing that would be great, would be reusable components over applications hosted on a central server. Maybe this is solved already with HTML imports and WebComponents in Ember 2.1

I know ember is not really intended for CRUD Ugly looking Applikations like the Apps in our Company -> https://cdn.baekdal.com/_img/2008/intapplications.jpg but some Addons for GUI Frameworks would be nice too. Such things like Wijmo, KendoUI, etc… Or an own really cool UI Framework that rocks :wink:

So it seems like OpenUI5 is more suited for Companies like us, but i really have a bad feeling on using OpenUI5 instead of Angular or Ember :confused:


Also Ember is great for Teams because we all know where to look. The add-on’s help to avoid the more than 1000 functions to be build in. See: http://www.emberaddons.com/ .

For a lot of Intranet Applications we just need Dutch :wink: