Examples of Ember apps/addons with Typescript?

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been flirting with the idea of implementing TypeScript along with Decorators in my Ember codebase.

Does anyone know of any open projects that use one or both of these that I could take a look at?

thanks! Peter

Probably this will be a useful start for you:

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In that issue of the Ember Times, my dev.to blog post has Typescript stuff. It also links to this project: https://gitlab.com/NullVoxPopuli/emberclear/tree/master/packages/frontend/ Which is nearly entirely in typescript.

Also, this addon is entirely in typescript: https://github.com/ember-data/json-api-validator

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these are great!

thanks guys!

Here are a few Ember Projects in TypeScript:

An addon in TS: https://github.com/alexlafroscia/ember-steps

An entirely project TS: https://github.com/CenterForOpenScience/ember-osf-web

Hope this helps you.