Expose doTransition() so that devs can track transition attempts


Hi, I have a route that on enter state it creates/renders a dialog outlet. Officially the currentPath/currentRoute is the prev route that triggered the dialog creation. As of now there is NO WAY to discard the dialog using Ember. When user clicks back browser button, or a link-to that points to the officialy currentPath/currentRoute console spits an “Attempting [URL] transition to…” and nothing happens.

It would be great for Ember devs to be able to track Attempts to Transition. Either via URL/history or Hash or link-to/transitionTo. It would be ideal to put it inside doTransition Function() and expose it in the router as an event like transitionAttempted.


Other issues here http://stackoverflow.com/questions/21112007/ember-js-route-hook-to-be-called-on-every-transition/27800613#27800613