Fastboot and SPA initial load


Hello, I’ve read about Fastboot and i am really excited if it’s works as i imagine. I am building large SPA and i am seeing long blank page screens while the whole app is initially loading, i’ve tried to do workaround with $(window).load(function() but still i am seeing long white screen before the app is loaded. I saw couple of comments on ember blog that asked the same question i have, but i didn’t see any anwsers to that questions. So just so it will be clear: Initial render will be done with fastboot, but after that my SPA works exactly like without fastboot right ? I mean it’s only one render and then control is fully on client side app like without fastboot ?


I believe that’s how it works, yes. Tom Dale recently blogged about it here. In particular, you may want to check out the “Ember FastBoot” section of his post.


You might want to check out loading substates They will kick in as soon as the javascript has loaded, and remain until your models are fetched. You can also style the index.html page with loading stuff that’ll be shown instantly.

Fingers crossed for Fastboot though! :smile: